Bad Cheeze Character Designs

Previous work on BadCheeze

Check out some of my backgrounds from the show Bad Cheeze. This was one of the last projects I worked on at DUCK Studios. I worked as the Art Director, Layout Artist, BG Painter and Character Designer... Pretty Crazy!

Watch the trailer here:


My wife told me she would love to scuba dive and explore an underwater library. We really need to go on another dive soon!

Craftsman Style House BG Painting

I've always loved the Craftsman style homes. I thought that it would be fun to paint one as if it were in an animation. 

Boston Library 1898: Start of the Main Stair

I found an old black and white image of the Boston Library circa 1898 and thought it would be fun to use a a layout to paint. 

Entropy Inverted

This was a series that I made roughly 10 years ago. I built all of the miniature sets. All of the lighting FX were done practically using a long exposure and "painting" with light while the shutter was left open. This series of photos actually got me my first background painting job.

Nativity Art Work for Christmas Service


I was asked to design and paint five 4'x6' canvases for each of the Sunday School Christmas Services at our church. Each service had a 12 minute block of time for live painting. I started a week before the services designing the image in photoshop and painting the back and mid grounds on the canvases. I spent the 12 minutes during the services painting the silhouettes. It wasn't a very complicated painting, but I was told that the kids were mesmerized watching me paint.

Lunch Time Water Color Paintings

I've been taking my hour lunch break to paint locations around Glendale... and sometimes not Glendale.

Digital Speed Paintings