After a Stressful day...

I decided I would sit down and do a couple of speed paintings. Yes, they are copies- but who better to copy than J.M.W. Turner...

The Fires... The Fires...

Its a work in progress... But at least I got it up on the Gnomon Forum just in time for this months theme.

Newest Maquette: "Fanning Native"

I'm currently working on a jungle scene in which there are tribal characters fanning their dinner to be... I like sculpting Maquettes first because it allows me to have a tangible object to reference while I'm modeling them in 3D.

Blog Dog

Created in Modo
Original Maquette

Hotel Tassel by Victor Horta... Re-Created in Modo

Grand palier du bel-estage. Bruxelles-1893

I cannot get enough Art Nouveau!


Modo Ambient Occlusion
Original Photo

Modo Mouse

Modo Final Color Output
Modo Ambient Occlusion

C-Bot Evolution

Modo Alternate Final Color Output
Modo Final Color Output
Modo Ambient Occlusion
Sculpey Maquette Original Metal Sculpture

Spider Rider

My second attempt at 3D modeling in MODO...