Smurfs Concept art Signed by Andy Gaskill

I got to work with a lot of great people on "Smurfs: A Christmas Carol." One day while the guys from Sony were at DUCK for their weekly visit, Andy Gaskill was looking through a Smurf's book that I had on my shelf. When he got to this page he stopped and surprised said "Hey, I made that-" So I made him autograph it for me. Good times!

The Golden Poo Christmas Card

This is a sketch for the Christmas card that I made for all the people that have come into my work area and have been amazed at Zhou Lei's drawing.
A while back I received a letter drawings from Zhou Lei (one of the boys that my wife and I sponsor in China.) It is a very curious depiction of what appears to be golden poo. I have tried to interpret it many ways and it doesn't seem to make sense however I see it. There are so many questions. If it IS poo, why yellow? If it IS NOT poo why are there stink lines coming out of it? If it is poo why is it being worn as a hat? If it IS NOT poo why are there people straddling it as if taking a dump? If IS poo why are all the people in the poo factory looking so happy? Whether or not it is poo why are people protesting? And what do the arrows and "X's" on their signs mean? It looks as though one guy is dropping poo on the other guy picketing... Amazing.