Merry Christmas from The Fresh Beat Band of Spies

Last night the Christmas Episode from Fresh Beat Band of Spies aired. Here are few Backgrounds I painted for the episode...

Nominated for an Annie!

I've been nominated for:


Fresh Beat Band of Spies
Episode: 107 [107, Singing Pirate]
Nickelodeon Productions / 6 Point 2 / Nelvana

Production Design: Ernie Gilbert
Production Design: Kristin Donner
Production Design: Steve Meyers
Production Design: Fred Gardner
Production Design: David Cole

A few Backgrounds I painted from Nick Jr.'s "Fresh Beat Band of Spies." I got to work with some great layout artists- Fred Gardener, Steve Meyer and Spencer Davis to name a few.

Inspired by How to Train Your Dragon. 3D Modeled in Modo.


3D gramophone prop that I modeled and textured for an American Greetings commercial.

Bad Cheeze Character Designs

Previous work on BadCheeze

Check out some of my backgrounds from the show Bad Cheeze. This was one of the last projects I worked on at DUCK Studios. I worked as the Art Director, Layout Artist, BG Painter and Character Designer... Pretty Crazy!

Watch the trailer here:


My wife told me she would love to scuba dive and explore an underwater library. We really need to go on another dive soon!

Craftsman Style House BG Painting

I've always loved the Craftsman style homes. I thought that it would be fun to paint one as if it were in an animation. 

Boston Library 1898: Start of the Main Stair

I found an old black and white image of the Boston Library circa 1898 and thought it would be fun to use a a layout to paint.