This is a compilation of most of the characters/projects I've had a chance to work with while at DUCK Studios. It's been a great 3 years so far.

HUD and Interface Designs

Generic HUD and interface designs that I created for fun.

Poopy and Pistachio

This is Poopy and his dog Pistachio. Poopy is a Golden Poo. He rides around on a flying octopus named Hugs. This is a show pitch idea I came up with based on Zhou Leis sketch of the Golden Poo. To get things started I'm planning to make a children's book to send to all of our kids in China, and maybe a few extra for some of our friend's kids that have spent hours talking with me about Poopy. 

My idea for a spy base called "The Blade."

Mathias Poledna: Imitation of Life

Showing at the Austrial Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy. This was one of our recent projects here at DUCK. I worked on it as Lead Compositor.

Here are some of the Art Reviews of the piece:

Little Zig World

I created these little plush cars recently in Modo as part of a visdev project for Little Zig World.

Pumbaa Maquette

 I was asked to sculpt a maquette of Pumbaa for one of our clients over at Disney. 

Weapon Design

It kind of looks like a steering wheel, but it is actually a throwing weapon... like a ninja star.

Grassy Beach

Top Image: 3D Ambient Occlusion Pass
Below: Final Color Image

Hair and fur test

These are a few different fur tests that I rendered out of Modo.
Concept for the battle scar Teddy Bear in "HeartFelt" (A short I created for the DUCK Film Festival last December.)