Europe Paintings

Unfortunately while Emily and I were painting in Florence (at the bridge above) our digital camera including all of the pictures from our trip was stolen. SO- the ONLY documentation of our trip are the watercolor paintings that we finished. I picked some of my favorite to post on the blog.

This was painted in a small alley-way in Florence.
Emily's Grandma Edi took us to beautiful Lake Como.
In Florence, shortly after we'd made the police report concerning our stolen backpack and camera, we went to the palace gardens.
After Florence we traveled to Venice. Ah, Venice the city on the water. This painting was before high tide. Once the water started to rise it started to flood the first floor. I realize the arches on my windows suck... but we were rushing to paint before our train to Milan.
This is a small corner in Venice. I found the stereotypical landscapes all to be a bit overwhelming and decided to stick with smaller sections that I felt I could capture.