2D FX Animation Reel 2021


DUCKTALES : FX Animator : Shadow Army, Shadow Vortex, Vortex Light FX. SMURFS : FX Animator : Purple Magic Burst, Smoke, Fire, Boiling Pot, Rolling Ground Plane. IMITATION OF LIFE : TD : Composited Background, Character & Water FX, Multiplane Camera Move. Created Butterfly FX using Trapcode Particular. Comped Animals and added shadows. TIMON AND PUMBAA : TD : Lighting, Comp Characters onto BG Plate and add lighting FX and Camera Blur. GOOFY ONLINE CHECK-IN : FX Animator : Steam FX, Lighting MICKEY'S VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS : TD : Composited Background, Characters, add lighting and shadows.

Background Paintings from DUCKTALES

Way too many backgrounds from Season 1 of DUCKTALES... So here are some of my favorite/most iconic/funnest BGs that I had the privilege to paint... thank you to the layout artists who designed these backgrounds, and the color script artists for figuring out the story color beats! Thank you to Sean Jimenez for his incredible art direction!